E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I'd felt like a little unproductive lump earlier this week, but today i had a glimmer of confidence: i really do know useful and important things that other people need to know. I do earn my keep.

Last night Christine and i spent an hour and a half on the phone looking at Zillow postings of NC area houses together: that was a pleasure.

Today my ankle has ached a bit more than in the past week. I've written my doctor and hope to have it poked and prodded next week. A colleague at today's meeting had a broken thumb that went untreated for a week or so until he finally took it to a doctor. I do hope that i will find that, no, i was doing just fine with my standard first aid.

Tomorrow i fly to see my folks, Sunday i go home! Yay!

Boringly yours....

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