E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Written while on the plane yesterday

The flight to Ohio went north of Lake Tahoe. It's less familiar landscape for me.

Sunrise was soft and gentle from my seat on the plane. I took advantage of early boarding. Flying over the bay, I noted the time of container ships apparently moored in the center. I don't think they were all headed to the port in Redwood City.

The hills are green, creeks washing Into the bay, mist sled into the long valleys in the Oakland hills. The delta green and flooded, and it looked like the river had spread out in a floodplain at Sacramento. (Not the town of Sacred Mentos, but I am drawing a blank this morning.) The green & the water is gratifying to see. There was one place in the Central Valley that looked like... well, I am not sure. I want to think it is a wildlife refuge. The sandy areas seemed too big to be sand traps.

Over Nevada I noted a large lake, open pit mines, and interesting braided wetlands in a valley-the wetlands,if that is what are, surprised me. About the time clouds stopped my view of the land (at 2 hours to MSP), I saw the oddest narrow stripe of snowfall.

I am trying to NOT turn every action into an "oh this might be my last.." reflection. I am looking forward to living in North Carolina, but not to leaving California.


Now leaving MSP, with a somewhat smoke scented seatmate. I am thankful that I am unlikely to suffer very long .

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