E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I've not been sulking, really. Just over busy with work, tired in the evening, and trying to sort out the next few weeks and weekends. I've Quaker stuff i really need to do before leaving for Death Valley, next week I must go into the office ankle or no, the weekend after is Meeting for Business, the week after that i am in Ohio (the joy of flying with the ankle), and then i am home. Wah. I was intimidated by all this before spraining my ankle.

Meanwhile we got the rent increase notice. It's about 20% more than our current rent, enough to trigger the decision to make the effort to move before the next rent increase.

Good news is that rain seems to be on the way.

We went to a cheap shoe store, and i've bought cheap shoes to cut up around the ankle brace. I also had a pair of Blackspot Unswooshers (an anticorporate, eco friendly, union friendly pair of incredibly uncomfortable black hightop sneakers: these will be perfect for this weekend.

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