E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Heading off

Two weeks ago we went to Panoche. I haven't done much with the photos or
data from that trip since the Monday when i posted about it. The last
two weeks i've just had my head down in coding an analysis program The
first week i was still hoping that i could just tweak code i'd already
written. By Friday, i knew i needed to do something more, so i spent a
long day Saturday learning how to use a new code library for numerical
analysis. I've spent the whole last week feeling i was just on the edge
of "getting it." Finally, Thursday, i had my tool to analyze our log
data. We went out for dinner & a movie (Hail, Caesar), and today i trie
to pull things back together. I'm headed out tomorrow for Panoche again,
a solitary camping trip this time. We put the tent on the truck this
evening. It was a little lopsided, but i believe i can do it tomorrow night

I feel so very intense and preoccupied. Work, or preparing for being out
in California (Panoche, the Death Valley the following weekend), or
Meeting... and then i fly to Ohio...

But i am so amazed and delighted at the capacity i feel. Weariness and
some chronic foot pain is present for me, but i am doing things! After
years of miasma of depression -- it's so wonderful to feel this
competency in bringing myself into living.


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