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Morning, Christine and i had a long talk about the Apple vs FBI kerfluffle. I became much more aware of the nuance of the court order and the "ask"; Christine became much more aware of the subtleties of cryptography with respect to how it differs from most code (e.g.: the algorithms are well known and shared, evolution is not fast compared to the zero-day exploit type security issues).

Also, want something to be secure? Hint: https://xkcd.com/936/

I coded a data analysis script from midday to well into evening. I made significant progress, for which, YAY. This script has the hopes of becoming fairly general. I need to add a third axis to my n-D array for time (already have the binning calculation) and continue working on understanding how to get specific "slices" of the "cube" out. I wrote such a thing in Fortran ages and ages ago: this time there's the lovely NumPy library for Python. (But i must figure out how to use the library. And continue to learn python.)

Today i've a bunch of meeting "conditions of enoughness" to satisfy.

I've found two new "Quantified Self" tools that i think will be helpful. I've been using "moodscope" for over a year. It's OK, but there are quibbly bits about the data interface that bug me, so i will not yet pay for the service.

RescueTime (referral link) was the first new thing. Essentially it's an application that spies on whatever you are doing on your computer or android phone and reports back to the analysis engine. You can classify every application, web site, and even some document level files as to why you are using them, and then each classification can be assigned a productivity level on a 5 point scale. I think it's made me more aware of the neutral productivity time, things like scheduling and prioritizing that are necessary to some extent but can cross into procrastination. I don't spend much time on digital diversions at this point in my life, so i'm not using the tool to reveal how much time i spend on, say, twitter or facebook. If you spend much of your time on a computer, where work, distractions, hobbies, and important interactions occur, this may be a useful tool for you even at the free version.

Last night i set up Optimism Online OMG, does this offer tracking tools! I've been filling out my own little checkbox lists of when i have had certain symptoms, how many serving of this and that, when i set my daily goals and when i met them for years. But the data is scattered, and i've only manually scanned the notations. This FREE tool seems like it will consolidate the recording and improve the reporting. It's designed for mental health, but it seems it can be used for a breadth of health reporting. A large number of the recordings can be on a scale of 1-10 which suits well for counting servings just as much as reporting intensity. There are apps, but none for android. It requires flash, so i'll give FlashFox a try. The iPad app requires a web connection, so the biggest drawback is the requirement for web connectivity when logging.

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