E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Our living spaces have become overrun with projects in the past year, and i'm not sure we're motivated to change that. I can't imagine how the space hits someone who has never seen it: i suspect they would be hard pressed to make sense of it.

One gap that may make it hard to make sense of the space is that we did not have the standard living room seating: we were making do with some very comfy desk chairs and hassocks. We had two couch disasters in a row, and I felt dread at the thought of finding something. There's also the sense that we may move across the country in eighteen months or even next March (if we get hit with the 50% rent increase that is becoming common in town). Why not wait to buy in the east?

We now have a recliner and a comfy chair -- and a fourth hassock. A neighbor is making way for a new child and listed them as available. They're worn, but apparently the slip covers for the arms have never been used so the most worn parts are covered. Christine has dozed off in the recliner, with Greycie Loo happily in her lap, so that works.


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