E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday work was full of various responses to issues. Today, we wait for an customer to get back to us so we can fix their issue. I imagine they're making do today, i verified they're closed tomorrow. Monday will probably be all a-dither: i think the person who took over my role is back on Monday, and i won't have to deal with the less attractive parts of the issue then. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, buttermints. Such decadence. Must not go back into the kitchen yet again to get one out of the container.

I took an online class in targeted communication. My mind is a jumble with awareness of areas i can improve as well as concerns that the feedback i have received is gender biased. Since no one is giving me demerits for my current communication abilities, i am trying to accept the feedback and improve.

I was very tempted to take the afternoon off. All my todos are not particularly critical. But, after actually looking at them, all of them are the type things that never get done because they aren't critical.

Back to work!

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