E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Yesterday we went to the city to see the Asian Art exhibit about the influence of Japanese art on Western art. I fell in love with Paul Signac's pointillist "Portrait of Saint-Cast" while Christine got to visit the Van Gogh postman and a number of Monets.

We drove home via the Twin Peaks and then highway 1: there was the most wonderful sunset.

I've spent hours making my own catalog of the exhibition with photos from the web and from my iPad, along with various commentary from the web. (Oops, forgot to add the youtube video and the iPad tour app as sources.) The catalog wasn't that expensive, but it didn't seem to have the juxtapositioning of images that the exhibit had. Now i have my interpretation of the show interspersed with the photos from the day. It's 100 MB. (Edited) It has loaded to Google Drive: here if curious.

I dropped my new phone while walking on Friday afternoon. Fiddlesticks! I had ordered the case just that morning.

Rain today, huzzah.

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