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I don't often have trouble sleeping, but i drifted into wakefulness far too early this morning. I'm trying to balance "being up" with keeping the light off, not making tea, etc.

My brain was mulling over Seveneves, the 30 hour epic audio book. It's not much of a spolier, i think, to share that i am pondering the ways the “arc cloud” and “Izzie” (the international space station) will experience catastrophe such that there are seven eves. The last ten minutes of my drive home last night was outlining the statistical probabilities of various scenarios.

This book is obviously very very long because Stephenson obviously wants to provide you with detailed knowledge of everything. Before the ways in which catastrophe could be handled (and, presumably, it won't be one of those, specifically) a character was moving through the station in what was apparently a narration of a map and the details of where everything is stored.

I don’t know that this is engaging in the way i want to be engaged. Also, many characters. Trying to track but it's hard in audio book form. The gender dynamics (faithfully reproduced) is a little triggering, i think, as well.

Maybe i'll restart Dawn to Decadence.

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