E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I'm off to Ohio on Sunday, then driving to NC, then back home just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Whee. The drive to NC should serve as a useful experiment. I don't know what the mountain part will be like: i have a suspicion that my driving out and about in the remoteish bits of California may have inured me to east coast mountains, but it's really all in the road design.

Also, is it convoys of tractor trailers the whole way? (I recall the claustrophobic experience of two lanes on the Pennsylvania turnpike boxed in by trucks with no fondness.)

Also, can i not get a speeding ticket? (Turns out renting a convertible from Ohio to NC at this time of year is as cheap as an economy car. I assume the rental company wants to get it out of the snow belt and into Florida as soon as possible.)

--== ∞ ==--

I ordered some of my flower portraits with black backgrounds printed up on Saturday. They arrived Tuesday. The 12 x 18 prints turned out well, except for one case where some background variation in the blackness turned out looking kind of oddly mottled. They're mainly for a craft sale at the Meeting House the weekend after Thanksgiving. Christine is very supportive of me trying to sell them.

The crepe de chine print of a wild hyacinth on black should be in today's mail. I'm hoping that turns out well. I'm imagining what it would be like to make surface design with photographed plants and flowers. One of the fascinating things about spoonflower is how often designers print the fabric with the surface design PLUS the project pattern -- see this pillow project for example. You order the 27" x 18" section of fabric and get the different designed pieces printed, ready to cut out and sew.

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