E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Venting over some less than delightful details:
I have almost bricked my phone by dropping it in the toilet last night. It's showing some signs of life, but it's just a matter of time. I'm disappointed to realize that i am only just now coming out of a phone contract which means i have had this phone a much shorter time than i thought. Fie, i thought i had kept it a good while.

I hate phone shopping. I think the only time i was happy to shop was when i switched to my first android, and that's because Palm was clearly a dead operating system.

Meanwhile, i upset Christine by discussing my distrust of our cultures framing of "safe places to live." I watched a bunch of episodes of "The Gates" last night, which can't have been helpful to my subconscious framing. Also, the 1980-something Doonesbury in which Palm Beach's "registration" policy was highlit reran yesterday, and i found an old newspaper article defending the policy.

Fie, again.

Also, pestilential conditions with the cats. Apparently common, but it upset Christine who felt she failed in pet care. And i feel bad for observing the small detail that led to our knowledge of the issue.

Ok, with that out of my system....

Pondering whether i should buy a "Calico Critter" so that i can crochet clothes for the critter and engage in all the diy doll furnishings as gifts for my nieces.

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