E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

B is for Breakfast and Blues

I have been very ... laissez-faire with music on my phone since the synchronization with my laptop has become so painful. Essentially, if i want to listen (usually while commuting) i use the voice recognition asking for a song. Voice recognition then presents a list of songs unlikely to resemble my request, and i stab blindly at the list. Then i get music in alphabetical order.

This morning's randomish selection started with asking for "Macho Man." What i really wanted was "Macho City" by Steve Miller Band. Thank HEAVENS there's no Village People in my collection. What i got was "Bad Man" by Juicy Bananas off the Repo Man sound track. That scratched the same itch, remarkably. The following Bad Man's Blunder (Kingston Trio), Bad Reputation (Joan Jett, both studio and live), Ball and Chain (Janis), Baloney Again (Knopfler), Bank Job (soundtrack from Ordinary Decent Criminal) all just had a great bluesey thread, despite all the different styles.

Tags: random

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