E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Thursday night, as i left the office with during the turquoise and tangerine sunset, a hawk was chasing the pigeons. I was captivated: nature red in tooth and claw just outside my office door. Then i saw a person on one of the building balconies, and the hawk flew to them.

It turns out it's a new "pigeon abatement" program.

I find myself questioning if it is still something quite so amazing to watch. Can i still let myself be as fascinated?

--== ∞ ==--

Christine is preparing a talk for a conference next week, i've been involved in Meeting work. I've been diverting myself with genealogy and learning some plant names.

Christine and i have come to the conclusion that our plan A for our next residence is North Carolina. Being close to family is getting more important for both of us. Plan B (if my employer nixes plan A) is Ohio. And.... plan B may change. A friend at work is retiring in May 2017. I'm rather thinking that would be a point where we would consider moving -- that summer perhaps? (I would likely be clerking meeting through end of August 2017, and that's usually an "off" month.)

One pleasure is thinking about a much larger space, three bedrooms instead of two (guestroom and an office!). I'm sorting possessions in my mind. We currently do not have proper living room furniture. After couch #3 (i thought i was getting quality) disintegrated due to cheap wood, we got a cheap Ikea couch, which wasn't really comfortable. So we got rid of couch 4, and i'm sitting in an office chair that reclines and Christine is sitting in a really nice office chair, that reclines. the place is a chaos of books in the living room and boxes in the "dining room" which is the china packing room. Keeping the crazy hodgepodge seems like the wise choice.

I wonder how interested Christine is in investing in curtains.


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