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So, i've been trying to develop a weather sense, or specifically, a sunset sense. How can i tell in the morning if i should make an effort to be somewhere to take sunset photos? Well, first, it seems that having some clouds is pretty useful. So that's been helped because weatherunderground has a percent sky coverage prediction that has been decent enough. But what about the color?

The night of the eclipse the colors were almost lurid. Last night the east was a rosy glow with the west in tangerines and turquoise. This shot was just as i came out of the office - during the drive home the colors got even more dramatic and intense.

Wednesday night, though, the sunset was one i think of as a winter sunset. Opal comes to mind. We were out until near dark and never saw any dramatic colors.

The only difference at the time of the sunsets was the temperature (and the humidity, which is a function of temperature, too, so I don't know how independent that is). Windspeed, pressure, and visibility were about the same for both evenings.

I'm wondering if i need to be looking to the next day: "... red sky at night, sailor's delight."

Tonight at sunset the sky is supposed to be clear, with oncoming clouds: tomorrow is to be more overcast. So my guess then is opal (if we get the night cloud cover a little early) to pale (if no clouds) tonight.


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