E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Meaningful work exercise

Some (not very Quakerly) queries to help determine whether one is engaged in "meaningful" work. The sequence is broken because i dropped some questions. Questions © Odette Pollar and Parlay International:

1. Responding to requests for information that another person could handle?* Less and less so. Generally feel that i am mostly engaged in work that i'm the most appropriate person to do.

2. Handling interruptions? Ha, just got an interruption as i was writing this. Well, it was a fairly important one. Compared to roles i've filled, this role has far fewer redirects and interruptions. I'm trying to get my first hour of working clear to focus on one important thing these days.

3. Using excessive amounts of time preparing reports? No! Huzzah!

4. In meetings when you or a small group could decide more quickly? Sometimes. I don't have too many mind numbing meetings, though.

5. Sorting out junk mail? Rarely. Huzzah!

8. Changing procedures often? Rarely. Huzzah!

11. Working on your job without setting goals and priorities? Technically, yes. But i don't really care about the performance goals. Regarding day to day, I try to set goals daily but this could be improved. I also welcome the time to be able to follow my intuition and curiosity.

12. Procrastinating or postponing decisions? I have created procrastination spirals for myself, but it's less of a regular practice.

13. Reading what you feel are unnecessary materials? No.

14. Going through a pile of work on your desk several times a day to decide what to do next? Well, for "pile of work" read email -- i've had a handful of weeks where there was a pile, but i think i've mostly caught up. This links back to 11.

15. Improving or revising your office filing system over and over again? Nope.

16. Doing unimportant tasks? Nope.

17. Searching your (or someone else’s) files for documents you need? Not unreasonably.

18. Carrying work home, only to bring it back undone? Nope.

19. Putting off decisions because you are concerned that others may react negatively?

20. Completing other people’s work? Nope.

All in all, things are going VERY WELL. Hurrah!

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