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Moving at the Speed of Procrastination. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 27th, 2015|07:40 am]

The week was pretty disjointed. Ill Tuesday and Wednesday, i fought to work through the day Tuesday, and read novels much of Wednesday. Early morning presentation by the executives at the company on Thursday left me dissatisfied after ninety minutes of platitudes and biz speak. Friday, another early meeting.

--== ∞ ==--

Yesterday was the Harvest Festival. I did some sales in the morning at our jewelry table (where the Swarovski rivoli earrings i made several years ago have still not sold). At "full price" from rummage i bought a dated Samsonite bag that will be perfect as a work tote ($1). (Aha, a quick image search turns up one from eBay; tweaked image search for SAMSONITE "SILHOUETTE 4" Pink Tweed".) I also acquired an apparently never opened small cuisinart-like device ($4). I don't know if it can chop herbs as finely as i would like, but i'd been thinking about trying to find something similar.

I returned at the end of the day to help with the jewelry booth, but the woman running it clearly did not want help. So i wandered the rummage during the period of everything that fits in a paper grocery sack for $3. Miracle of miracles the Calphalon 12" pan was left. Regrettably it's from the nonstick line, not the basic commercial grade simply hard-anodized surface. Also in the bag, yarn.

I tried very hard not to fill the bag, but, so it goes.

The evening effort of dissembling the tables, old doors and saw horses made of plywood, has left me stiff this morning. Of course, everything, including a few minutes Friday night going up and down stairs as minimal exercise, leaves me stiff.

--== ∞ ==--

$399,000 Mobile home in Half Moon Bay. There's a parcel number - so maybe the land is included? (It's also a 55+ community, so we'd have to wait... but it's not that far away.)

Now wondering if Pacific coast trailer parks, free of tornados, become tsunami magnets.....


[User Picture]From: tx_cronopio
2015-09-27 02:45 pm (UTC)
$399,000 for a mobile home? Wow, it really is all about location, ain't it???
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[User Picture]From: elainegrey
2015-09-27 02:59 pm (UTC)
Well, i'm being a bit derisive. It's a doublewide with porches, hot tub in the yard, soaking tub, and "tiger-wood" floors.


(It's the only thing listed as a single family home available for under $400k on the coast right now.)
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[User Picture]From: tx_cronopio
2015-09-27 03:02 pm (UTC)
I get it, though. This house of my dad's would MAYBE bring $70K if I fix it up, and that's a big Maybe. If it were in Austin, I could sell it today, with no repairs, for $190,000.
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