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This was a weekend of intense research into what plants i am likely to find in the Panoche Hills. I am now prepared to write for a collecting permit. I also polished some gold flatware and got a good photo of the full four place setting set of china. I've started the packing of the pieces, trying to make cardboard structures to cushion the china. I have done very little otherwise.

I was silly and thought i'd look at all rare plants in a large region, cutting out the ones that needed too much rain or were adapted to serpentine soils. After much sifting and review of observations, i think i excluded all the plants that weren't near by my place of interest. So.... i could have started with a limit just around my place of interest.

I do look forward to getting down to the hills again. The white hills fascinate me with the rhythmic repetitive curves and the wonderful interplays of light. This weekend was a bit of a heatwave. Today's high for the town near the hills is 101 °F. I think i need to get back into shape before i can manage that. Soon it will cool and we'll drive down after work some evening, stay in a hotel off I-5, and i'll wake at first light to go drive into the hills. I've picked a few exploration spots - areas where the soil types change. It seems like that will maximize the likelihood of finding interesting plants. There are a number of rare plants that are still in "bloom" at this time of year. The blooms are not very showy, but they're doing their part for the ecosystem. Indeed, the amaranth family may look "weedy" but the seeds are surely a food source for critters.

I blew off some responsibilities this weekend, and was terribly sedentary. Must get some movement in if field work is going to be pleasant!

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