E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Perplexing things

* Weatherunderground has calculated a 2% chance of rain for this evening with 0% cloud cover.
* Is this dress navy blue or black with a blue cast?
* Does anyone ever notice when one wears black sweater and shoes with a really dark blue navy dress?

From the wikipedia page on Navy Blue, 'The Canadian Forces Dress Instructions specify that, " 'navy blue' is a tone of black".'

* Received a confidential email message that included a link to verify my identity. After a couple of clicks the system lets me know that the server that i was connecting to has an untrusted certificate. (This is apparently the Microsoft cloud email solution's active directory rights management software.) I was grabbing screen images of the cert which mostly looked legit when i received a new message from the same sender prefaced with "Resending without restrictions to enable viewing."

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