E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Mr M is behaving in a way that makes me wonder how close to death he is. We've been giving him prednisone shots to ease his breathing for a week or so. He, in turn, has had some very peculiar locations he wants to be. Currently he's hiding in a corner bookshelf on a bottom shelf. He'd headed for a back dark corner of the closet, but i headed that off. When he's not in a dark nook he's clinging to one of us, purring a very loud purr (partly affected by his breathing difficulty).

He is so thin, and he's loosing hair in some patchy places.

He still seems to be engaged with life though, and other than the difficulty with breathing (and presumably some arthritic stiffness), he seems well.

He's determined and feisty and of his own mind, but he's not begging for whipped cream any more.

I so hope he fades away while in our arms and not that we find him in some corner stiff and cold. I don't know how you arrange that with a cat, though: it seems they want to be alone.


In talking with Christine about pros and cons of moving to NC, i suddenly realized that the Big Holiday Productions would be harder to avoid. The Hayward fault looks much more stable, all of a sudden.

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