E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

My Summer Vacation

Theodore Haviland China I spent half the day looking at the full set of china and figuring out how i might package it up. Much of it was trying to figure out how to maximally use certain widths of fabric at Spoonflower, with the idea of making linens to go with the china. In hunting down appropriate linen sizes, i discovered Bright Settings. Their linens would be a whole lot less expensive than custom designed and they will ship 25 samples. So, i'm getting 25 samples from them.

There are times as i'm doing this that i wonder if we should keep the china and use it to death. (It's just the question of storage.) Spending time looking at it has made me appreciate it, even though it is so not my style.

Maybe i could, should keep 6 settings and divest myself of 6?

I've just bid on a china teapot that should complement the set, whether i sell off the china or i keep it!


I haven't been eating much since i came home -- in a good way. (I haven't been doing much that requires refueling, either.) It feels like a great deal of stress eating has gone by the wayside. If i can keep that up when i go back to work, it will be a win. I'm not craving sweets.

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