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Moving at the Speed of Procrastination. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 4th, 2015|11:19 am]
mopalia: those glasslock brand containers look like just the thing. I'll admit, their site is a little odd. Perhaps it's obvious they're made of glass, but the statements calling out, "GLASSLOCK is made of silica, soda ash, limestone and other natural components, making it eco-friendly and recyclable. It is BPA free and does not contain any harmful environmental hormones," made me wonder -- if it's glass of course it's made of etc. I suppose this is like putting a gluten free label on tea.


From: mopalia
2015-07-04 08:58 pm (UTC)
I found lots of versions on Amazon - search Glasslock, and then just take whatever they call them and search that for other varieties.

The obsessive labeling may be because it's borosilica glass and there could be weird labeling laws - they're apparently sold very internationally.
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[User Picture]From: johnpalmer
2015-07-08 05:04 pm (UTC)
I think I saw "gluten free" on bacon, as well. I haven't seen it on tea, but I don't do much tea shopping in stores (even specialty tea stores), so that might be the cause.

I think "gluten free" on "how the holy heck did you think there might have been gluten within 5 feet of this product before you put it in your grocery cart next to the flour?" shows that marketing is either very cunning, or has way too much time on their hands.
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[User Picture]From: elainegrey
2015-07-15 01:47 pm (UTC)
Or set up prices for printing runs have gotten cheap enough that they can try everything and anything to see if it makes a difference?

I can't swear it was gluten free tea, but there was something on the Lipton tea bags at work for a while that had me wondering why anyone would need to be reassured. Sugar free? Fat free? Can't remember.
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