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"Pffft" to LJ, which is not allowing me to comment or reply to comments.

Regarding taking in Luigi, for annie_r and westwardho:

I will admit my calculus had far more to do with what would be most distressing for Christine than for Luigi. Christine's heart breaks for critters. She's cared for Luigi and the other orange cat in the gang, Marty, for years. I hope that being in control of Luigi's separation from our neighbor would help her be more in control of her distress. I think, though, that she projects a great deal of loss on Luigi, loss i'm not sure Luigi is experiencing.

Mr M and Luigi seem to be splitting the apartment, with Luigi in the bedroom and Mr M in the living room. Mr M had already been spending the night in the front room, so it seems he is coping quite well. They seem to be self separated

Edward was in the bedroom one evening this week and shared the bed with Luigi. Edward is pale gold whereas Luigi is bright copper. Edward had a look on his face of mild consternation, but both of them settled down.

Greycie Loo continues to hiss, and Luigi continues to retreat to under the bed.

Regarding down time:

Thank you for your prayers, crookedfingers. It's been hard to tell whether my reduced journaling is depression or distraction.

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