E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Woo! Programming! Woo!

I have a buzz from refactoring. Also, i think i've demonstrated my insanity because i have a dictionary of dictionaries that are made up of list of two items, one of which is a dictionary, and the other is a list. It probably ought to be an object.

This is the first i've done object oriented programming. The programming i did in graduate school was FORTRAN or C written like it was FORTRAN. And tons of hack-like scripts.

It's also the first i've been able to just WORK on something days on end.

I'm a little disoriented but delighted.


I am often doing a doodle journal in the evening and i would love to share -- but getting it off my iPad onto DW/LJ in a size that will not torture folks is apparently not a common thing. I may have just found an app (named "Resize Image") and will give it a go.


Elephants do stampede periodically. I continue to have faith that his will become less of a concern with time: currently it takes up a large fraction of my attention and emotional space.


Tomorrow we will have a celebration at work for two folks who have been with the organization 35 years and another who has been 20 years. Next April will be my 15th anniversary. (When the minnow and the whale merged, our hire dates transferred.) I am so glad for caterers because i really don't think i have the mood to put on a party. Being involved in planning tomorrow's party and the 50th anniversary party for my parents in a month is definitely pushing some of my limits. Fussing over presentation and decorations just isn't where my mind and heart are.


I've reconnected with a friend from graduate school. I'm chatting with her on my ride home from work once a week. It's good to be catching up: i think both of us had a dark stretch and have simultaneously come out into the light. I might get to see her in a month.

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