E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Back to the Command Line: Python Module of the Week

I spent more time than i expected to spend on Python Module of the Week trying to install bits. Lessons learned were more meta lessons:

1) look into PIP (the package manager) before beginning to download anything from anywhere.
2) investigate whether the package supports python 3 or not before installing.

I may have made a mistake in deciding to focus on python 3, but i think i'll keep going for now. The first modules presented are regarding Data persistence I like the humor of "pickling" an object to put it in a storage format and then "shelving" the pickled object in the file. I suppose that will be my next to-do in my weekly exploration of this book. I've skimmed the page, though, since all the work of learning how to pickle objects is hidden behind a link. I jumped forward to the SQL package mentioned and started thinking about installing that.... But no.

No matter how tempting it is for me to play with database designs, data modeling takes me away from understanding object-oriented programming (which i can wave at, but not much else). It also leads me towards complexity, and i'm barely past "hello world."

Thinking about THAT made me think about UML. It turns our there are ways to write UML in text which then some mode in emacs can render on html output.

What a wild world!

I'm thinking i sort of have skills at this point to write a simple simulator which could represent some of the many different flows through a section of our system.

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