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Whatever Addict

Grumbling about the first paragraph of http://blog.production.invision.works/how-to-manufacture-desire/ , i searched on a stack of terms along with the word addict.

I find the results a little perplexing, but i also see that some of the results are less about how habit forming something is and more about common turns of phrase. "Adrenaline junkie" occurs an order of magnitude more often than "adrenaline addict," for example. I suspect that the label "addict" has some associative logic, and then there are also some addictions that have unique labels (smoker, alcoholic). (Which have multiple meanings, so can't possibly be used as a scale measure.)

Anyhow. I got curious!

Google results without and with quotation marks around "[term] addict"
westinghouse     About 1,460,000 results  ----- 2 results
general electric About 6,870,000 results  ----- 2 results

cannon                               About     731 results

meditation About 647,000 result      About   1,670 results
gucci     About 954,000 results      About   1,770 results 
laundry   About 958,000 results      About   2,010 results
nikon                                About   2,090 results
fox news                             About   2,470 results
whatever                             About   2,860 results
swatch                               About   3,910 results 
hiking    About 624,000 results      About   4,800 results
singing   About 6,670,000 results    About   5,150 results
email     About 38,800,000 results   About   6,180 results
poetry                               About   7,040 results
google    About 38,200,000 results   About   8,580 results
fitbit    About 280,000 results      About   8,980 results
job       About 37,000,000 results   About   9,250 results

cigarette About 1,830,000 results    About  12,900 results
knitting  About 543,000 results      About  13,900 results
smoking   About 4,370,000 results    About  16,800 results
camera                               About  21,100 results
word      About 23,300,000 results   About  24,900 results
dance     About 9,020,000 results    About  31,800 results
nicotine  About 1,820,000 results    About  50,200 results
reading   About 19,800,000 results   About  50,700 results
gaming    About 1,370,000 results    About  66,700 results
alcohol   About 15,800,000 results   About  89,600 results
massage   About 1,580,000 results    About  91,100 results
adrenaline About 513,000 results     About  93,700 results

football  About 7,690,000 results    About 119,000 results
speed     About 12,400,000 results   About 147,000 results
twitter   About 48,300,000 results   About 148,000 results
news      About 63,400,000 results   About 206,000 results
gambling  About 636,000 results      About 219,000 results
shopping  About 13,200,000 results   About 222,000 results
Facebook  About 26,200,000 results   About 235,000 results
travel    About 24,600,000 results   About 259,000 results
game      About 23,400,000 results   About 310,000 results
Pinterest About 21,000,000 results   About 352,000 results
tv                                   About 444,000 results

fashion   About 21,600,000 results   About 570,000 results
coffee    About 7,210,000 results    About 580,000 results

sex       About 21,600,000 results About 1,470,000 results
drug      About 10,300,000 results About 4,550,000 results

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