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Filling the Form

See http://elainegrey.dreamwidth.org/544467.html
Take the list or similar, and quickly dash off three small things in each area that can be done to improve your quality of being. Then set aside. Repeat the process some time later (a quarter? "ten week" period?) and then review the previous one.

1. Work space
Had an unexpected clean-out of files -- probably ought to create a tickler to move receipts from active into archive and to retire archive once a year in May (after taxes) DONE.
How can i become unhaunted by unfinished projects? Christine may have books everywhere, but i have unfinished projects.
New white board plastic would be nice.

2. Car/transportation
I've been keeping even tidier (paying attention to the grocery bags). This is fine.

3. Kitchen
Need to ensure we do a purge for Harvest Festival.
Silverware drawer has been better organized, unexpected pantry purge happened on Friday to good effect.
Use up gluten free flours, seeds, etc, and see how much really needs to be on hand as staple.

4. Living room
Intentionally left blank.

5. Bedroom
Continue purging clothes.
A tidy through of the misc books would be nice but isn't really critical yet.
Shoe box management is probably top issue.

6. Wardrobe
Oh, look above.
I think i may want something for the party -- but actually, it will probably be a well air conditioned venue. I won't need to be prepared for humidity from ... North Carolina.
Maybe set of six matching rings for lacing up the mohops.

7. Reading list or entertainment plans
plenty plenty plenty

8. Exercise habits
NEED TO WORK HERE. Evening motivation - maybe i need more decadent audiobooks. Everything now is "good for me."

9. Eating habits
Evening sweet splurge needs to be drawn in.

10. Spiritual/intellectual maintenance
Not sure i feel any spiritual maintenance is needed beyond .... Well, maybe i could be more intentional about Meeting for Worship. I'm so caught up in the Meeting community, my solitary practices aren't attended to with as much regularity. On the other hand, i'm not in a time of discernment. I'm much more in a time of finding discipline, refining.... perhaps more gratitude and celebration?

Cryptography class, usecases for the working group....
Evening energy for genealogy and botany....

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