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Symptom and Exposure Timeline

So, i have three potential causes of malaise: tree allergies, cough variant asthma, and the Common Cold.

I think i can excuse the tree allergies and go with a diagnosis of a Monday mechanical trigger of the cough variant asthma that made me more susceptible to cold germs on Tuesday, leading to me taking today off work.

I dunno: does analysis like this count as resting? If i'm doing it at a 30° recline?

"Cold symptoms can also begin shortly after virus is first produced in the nose (10-12 hours). (13) The time from the beginning of the infection to the peak of symptoms is typically 36-72 hours. (1, 2)" -- http://www.commoncold.org/undrstn3.htm

* Pollen only after 5 pm, assume similar to Saturday's.
* Exposure: Air travel
* Health: fine.

* Pollen 7.9/Medium-High Mulberry, Ash and Oak.
* Exposure: 6 pm grocery store 1.
* Health: fine, if obsessive about reviewing travel.

* Pollen may have been lower today due to early am drizzle.
* Exposure: grocery store 2, visitor's center, brother, restaurant.
* Health: fine.

* Pollen assumed similar to Saturday's.
* Exposure: none.
* Deadline passed: 72 hours after air travel and NOT peak of symptoms.
* Health Afternoon: caught peanut bit in throat triggering a coughing spasm. Weary at end of day blaming the coughing, oversleeping, call from Mom.

* Pollen 8.4/Medium-High Mulberry, Ash and Oak.
* Exposure: office.
* Deadline passed: 72 hours after Saturday's trip to grocery store and NOT peak of symptoms.
* Health: Coughing off and on at work. Weary at end of day, blaming the coughing.

* Pollen: 9/Medium-High Mulberry, Ash and Oak.
* Exposure: none
* Deadline: 72 hours after exposure at visitor's center/grocery store. May have begun sniffling mid day, but definitely not peak of symptoms.
* Health. Coughing off and on and weary.

* Pollen 8.9/Medium-High Mulberry, Ash and Oak.
* Exposure: office
* 48 hours after last visit to the office. Given full blown symptoms to present midmorning on the 24th, the office seems the most likely place of exposure.

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