E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Tuesday morning:

My flights to Ohio were not crowded, and all the travel went smoothly. Sleep was interrupted once, and i am not happy with the time switch -- but i am awake!

I loved flying over the west. I just spent some time trying to sort out what i saw. Flightaware rocks. They have a table of the locations of the flight that i could use to compare to the photos i took out of the window. These coordinates, 38.3606, -115.9783 are a volcanic field i think i've flown over before.

Wednesday morning:

Well, well, well. The TV got me last night. I stayed up far too late wanting the ... satisfaction? comfort? ... familiar feeling i get from wathching a streaming, add-free show of my choice. I hopped back and forth between Forever and Person of Interest and then ended up being frustrated by all the adds in Nat Geo's Building Wild - but i wanted to see the finished cabin.

Not turning it on again! I'll try streaming over the hotel network tonight.

Lastnight i found the second stink bug in the room. Presumably, they got in like lady bugs do. The first one i trapped in a glass and put in the hall. Last night one flew from the curtain on to the comforter on the bed, leading to a scream when i gave up looking for where it had flown off to and then discovered it virtually in my lap, a tossed glass of whine (ok, wine), and me bundling up the covers in what i hoped would be too much of a maze for the bug to escape.

It's cold this morning, 24°, which is a little colder than i was expecting. Monday night, iin order to meet my set point on the thermostat, the air conditioner ran, so i left it off last night. This mornning i've turned back on the heat.

So, the volcanic field appears to be Lunar Crater VolcanicField.

Friday morning:

I'm not entirely sure how i consumed my other mornings. This has not been the best week for me following the plan-the-morning-in-the-evening habit-to-be. I know Wednesday night when i returned to the room i was terribly spent. After an amount of blank staring, i got myself out the door to walk a bit: that helped significantly. 

Yesterday we spent time wrapping up, and i talked to my manager/replacement-of-me for an hour. He urges me to talk about my needs, but i don't think i have any he can address yet. (There is a potential waste of time meeting on my calendar that i may need to discuss.) We spent the rest of the time with me helping with background on a staff member who screwed up, our QA status, and some other things. I explained how i had done some house cleaning for him, getting the team to take on some responsibilities before i handed the role over. He expressed appropriate  gratitude. 

I didn't  walk after but sat at the hotel bar during "happy hour." A guy in a booth seemed to have his head in his hands. I think he was reading, but he sure looked lost in despair. A woman was in the next booth, reading. And that was it. No waitstaff. So i sat, and pondered my order, and may have strated reading my email. When the waitstaff arrived, he took no notice of me as he finished getting a plate together for the other woman. When i finally got some attention, i asked "So this is happy hour?"  Apparently, they get busy after happy hour ends. Given that there seemed to be no functional difference before and after -- no discounts, that is -- i suspect that the "happy hour" sign is to make sure people realize you can get alcohol at the same place breakfast and coffee is served.

Like i  did on Wednesday night, i streamed videos from netflix quite successfully. The temptation to just watch and watch was much stronger than at home.  On Thursday night i did a bit of knitting while watching, but wasn't particuularly comfortable.


I did find the difference in the two places i walked to be interesting. The first park was larger, and the birdlife was very active: a nuthatch hung around long enough for me to see it clearly,  a pair of hairy or downy woodpeckers were at a feeder. Birders pointed out the hairy (or downy, i can't remember) in the woods, while they hunted for the pileated woodpeckers known to be roosting. In the grasslands i flushed a game bird, observed many redwing blackbirds and robins. Plenty of sparrows and similar sang in locations where i had no chance of making an ID. Birdsong was rich and pervasive, with choruses of frogs around small ponds. I didn't see anything beginning to green up.

The other wooded walk is along the bluff of a small (but significant) gorge.  I heard a few birds, but only observed robins in the old cemetary and a large bird (probably a buzzard) roosting in a snag above the gorge. I admit, the sound of the falls could have cut into my ability to hear birdsong, but i didn't see any flitting. What i did see was small woodland plants getting ready to bloom.

time to fly



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