E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Oh, this time change and i are not getting along. That, and/or pollen season is affecting me at some soporific level, and/or i'm just tired.

This morning, delicious with rain, i haven't awakened until the pre time change time, despite the best efforts of my alarms. Admittedly, my alarms are not designed to jolt me awake. I have a recording of a Hindu chant (that was circulate as the Dali Lama chanting) that is a low drone. That is configured to start very quietly to slowly wake me instead of a jolt. It works nicely, usually, but this week isn't going very well.

I fly to Ohio next week and i am not excited about more time change.

Maybe there won't be pollen, though.

I checked the flowers from my Panoche trip in the fridge last night: they don't look much worse for wear, all things considered. I've not gotten out for a walk in days and haven't looked at the back log of images, and there are these blossoms that will not last! Please, please, motivation and energy, return to me!

This low energy is also making it hard to practice morning and evening habits, too. I am unclear as to how to proceed here, with travel next week. Habits are hard for me. I wonder if it's a slight ADD tendency.

Although, this reminds me of how i notice particular number and letter confusion and ponder dyslexia. A label doesn't help. Although... maybe in this case reading how ADD/ADHD folks manage to develop habits would give me insight into my own challenges.

But instead of going off and researching ("Squirrel!"), let me think: the main thing i want to do is focus on the end of work and evening ritual of listing things for the next day. Let's just set ONE challenge for these next ten days: end of work and end of day, tidy up the to-do list and schedule.

Tags: embarking on the day

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