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Random Query

Well, sort of random. I didn't like the first set of queries i rolled, so i rolled again.

Are there yams[1] i've eaten in the past day, yams getting cold on the plate?

Sunday morning i worked on an outline for the Meeting retreat, which wasn't quite a yam (in that i wasn't feeling completely avoidant) but it was something i'd passed over.

Right now there's an awful lot of email about an ad hoc committee i'm on for a national Quaker organization that is all tangled in my in box. I need to untangle that. It's also not quite a yam, but it seems a bit much. Our clerk is presenting a decision that i sense the clerk has strong feelings about.

Then there's a member of Meeting who has cc'd me for unclear reasons with unclear messages. It began with this NYT link via the NYT email share function and the following message:
"Sorry if this [the NYT website to which my email has been given?] spams you! M---- said she was not likely to see this [article?]. [Paul] Krugman gives more detail about costs. Ask if you want some of these [estimates or articles by Paul Krugman?]. There are also links [floating on the web?] to a recent climate conference at Stanford with political luminaries, and lots and lots of videos summarizing work-in-progress at Stanford [randomly available?].

There, i made myself parse it. I'm suspecting this person is continuing a conversation i did not attend last Friday and thought he'd include me. And now i've reread his second email a few times, and i think the author is basically reacting against what a perceived trend to argue that climate change requires a rejection of capitalism, and that to present such an argument is to risk alienating the capitalists in such a way that they won't address climate change. I'm pretty sure that presenting a book on rejecting capitalism as adult ed in our Meeting will have only the tiniest effect on whether large corporations reject working to mitigate climate change (my correspondent's verb).

On the other hand, now that i've parsed that email, i shall just let that committee do its work. Oh, and look, the book "On Capitalism" by Michael Spence has been emailed to us all as a pdf. I suppose there's some irony with the "all rights reserved" on the publication information page?

Well, there. I've dragged you through some of the almost-yam emails. I wanted to do laundry to night, but i am not so inspired.


Aiee! I'm clerking meeting for business on next firstday.

[1] http://elainegrey.livejournal.com/1041377.html?thread=1116129#t1116129

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