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A blush of mental spring: I found a thread of mental creativity this morning and held on tightly. It wasn't until hours later, as i was following the thread, that i realized today was the cross quarter day. My winter, my "no" season, my fallow period is November through January. I'd rather it not be a whole quarter and instead from Yule to 1 February. The holidays take a chunk of time in there, though, and the light is noticeably short for me at this latitude from late October through the early part of February. So, honoring my own rhythms, i give myself leave to not follow through, stay at home, and so on, this dark part of the year.

And i think the rest works wonders for me. The way my thoughts were skipping along this morning, the sense of possibility and opportunity: it's a quickening like sap rising and seeds beginning to germinate.



I continue to reflect on changing the patterns of my day. This past week i've been lax with my somatic practice, so i want to renew that this week. What really strikes me though is a question about how to best use the morning energy i have: another question of following my own cycles. The read-write-plan bit just isn't working. Part is due to needing to also be present for Christine's grief, which hits her hard in mornings. Part is due to my sleeping later. I'm assuming without the adrenaline of the previous role, i'm catching up on rest.

Still, there's really not enough time for read-write-plan.

I'm thinking that i need to plan in the evening -- but there i need to take care. Planning right before bed can either catch my evening depression or activate a certain amount of adrenaline that makes it hard to go to sleep. Journaling is also something that might move to the evening.

I'm getting fairly good at a practice of tidying up my work to-do list at the end of the day: i'd like to do that with my personal to do list, as well.

Thus, an experiment for this week. Maybe this will lead to a more engaged evening for me, as well.

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