E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I enjoyed the day at the calflora application workshop, and Christine almost enjoyed it, too. She has been a hermit for the past year-plus, though, and i think being with people all day drained her.

Towards the end of the day i was caught in a draft, and now i find myself coughing often. It's the asthmatic cough, and i dread the long draining recovery.

Mr M has some odd matted bits of fur. I have tried my usual practices of pulling mats in half along the grain of the fur, but the pulling seems to have distressed him. I have now snipped out the mats. I remember Grey Beard's last months and how the fur from the shaved area around an abscess (due to the newly arrived Greycie Loo, i'm sure) never grew back. Mr M is such a feisty older cat; i so want him to remain dapper, too.

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