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Christine received more sad news on New Years Day, with the death of her father's brother on late on New Years Eve. Again, not a sudden death, but one expected and in the fullness of time.

Nonetheless, I cannot imagine the sense of loss.


I spent some time looking at the wishes i sketched out several days ago and thought about the words that jumped out at me: thrive, connect, serenity, fit, simplify, finish, create. I find myself thinking of a tree, thriving. The branches and roots connect the tree to others. As part of thriving, the tree is fit and sound. And then, through time the cyclical process of the actions of simplifying, creating, finishing create the sum of serenity. Hmm: serenitree?

I can have that neologism as a theme for the new year, i suppose.

Waverly Fitzgerald, author of the New Year’s Dreams e-workbook i'm using, encourages becoming specific with the wishes: how will it be clear that i've gotten my wish?


Time passes. Friday roadtrip. Saturday working from 6am -3pm (very light weight work, but distracting)


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