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Now that we have an antenna, we can watch the broadcast TV. So last night, we tried to do that. First of all, the "LIVE" broadcast from Time Square could not possibly be live because the sparkly ball was still up after 9pm Pacific. WTF.

Apparently everyone on TV is obsessed with butts. Is this all to do with Meghan Trainor and her "All About That Bass"? I was under a rock and missed that that was a thing. I'm charmed by the song's body affirming message, yet not enough to really want to hear it again. There was also a video for Anaconda which was just continuously like the outtakes shown on the tee vee. Don't need to see that again.

OK, so that's my pop culture exposure for 2014, and i'll check between my ear lobes (darling, because that's where culture grows) again in a year or so. (Why is there no video for Thomas Dolby's "Pop Culture?" Was that really pre-MTV? No it was not. Hmph.)

I've got my cane from my sprained ankles this summer. I think i'm ready to sit on my deck and shake it at the world: You kids, get off of my damn LAN.

And so we watched something light and fluffy streaming from Netflix, were tired, and went to bed well before midnight.


Someone posted a link to http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/the-rock-critic-hive-mind-dissecting-the-best-albums-1676075373 which discussed an analysis of year-end music lists. I listened to a few things and decided i will give St Vincent a try. I'm thinking Actor and the new album St Vincent. I skimmed some of the video comments for songs on the recent album and found comments just shy of "sold out" mutterings: I am amused.


Happy New Year to all y'all who observe. I don't really, and will take the dark months of January and February before bursting out with my new Y047 .


Also, in cranky-pants news: why did i trust digitally syncing contact books, ever? I suddenly have hundreds of additional entries, many of which seem to be duplicates which refuse to merge. I'm slowly trying to prune all the data i thought would be nicely kept in the microformat of vcards back into format-free files in Evernote.

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