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Tuesday was the promised meeting and announcements to wrap up the reorg -- but not quite. Apparently the current date is 5 Jan to make things official. (I typed "5 June" and then "5 Jul" before getting the date right. At least, i hope it was a typo and not prescient.)

Last night was the first night since my Sunday back spasm that i had a solid night's sleep. I awakened quite early, but it was on my own instead of after hitting snooze for 40 minutes.

Spent the morning sorting out morning commute options with caltrain & shuttles. I want to start taking them next year (maybe a few times the remaining work days). With the new job, new habits.

I'm a little frustrated with my low energy, but between the depth of the winter night and a few physical issues, i will not write off my hope that i will have more energy with the change in job.


Christine got an emotional dump from her sister yesterday. In the many swirling details is the fact that Christine's sister in law may die in the coming days. There's a chance a medication may deal with one of two life threatening issues (and the other is dealt with via dialysis), but if that doesn't work the only way to deal with issue one is to stop the dialysis for issue two. While we are not close to Christine's brother and sister in law, this is still very very sad. And Christine is feeling the distress, echoing, i'm sure, in her grief.

This morning i got an earful from my parents about my father's mother. Her third husband is not doing much to care for her (and lots of reports of manipulation that are counter to care). It sounds like my grandmother is slipping away. There's much hope that the tide can be turned: a cousin will be staying with them for a while, there's finally been appropriate medical care for cracked vertebrae and tailbone, and if my grandmother starts eating again.... Oh should i visit when?

Then there's my grandfather's wife, who is apparently the victim of some sort of surgical malpractice which has led to gangrene and the amputation of a toe. She also had a small stroke: who knows how correlated that is for a 94 year old. My mother's cognitive filing system lead to confusing reports of "hazmat suits" and isolation due to the infection. Unclear whether the gangrene was caused by such a hazardous agent or if her immune system was so compromised that she could not be exposed.

So that all weighs heavily in these grey wet days. I welcome the wet, the dramatic clouds, but it certainly cuts into my energy.

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