E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

And then there's cat news.

Yay for the tracker, maybe? Last evening, as Christine played with the neighbor's cats, and i had done everything to rip up the bedroom except quite flip the mattress on my own, i looked up where Edward was. Across the street. And by street, i mean, two lanes headed towards the freeway and two lanes headed into town from the freeway. I think people are already on the freeway in their mind when they turn onto that stretch. I scampered across and looked for him, but no luck. I returned home and Christine caught my unhappy mein. We checked his location, and he was still in the vacant lot. Christine went out prepared to call me if she needed up to the moment tracking information, but she had the sense to turn on the "pager," a red and blue blinking diode.

I stayed at my desk getting a new position every moment, watching the location marker wander a bit in the field, then take a prompt and direct change tracing the route home.

Christine said the light made it easy to find Edward in the field, but that Edward did not like being carried across the street.

So, i'm not sure i like the knowledge that the times we've seen the signal across the street it was an accurate reading. On the other hand, instead of a half hour calling and wandering around fruitlessly looking for him, we very effectively brought him home.

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