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Ferguson: http://qz.com/250701/12-things-white-people-can-do-now-because-ferguson/

I need to write my state reps about holding our highway patrol more accountable.


I got a little engaged with work as i journaled yesterday, but when i got to a "done" point and the clock said i could go, Christine and i popped in the car and drove to a winery in Half Moon Bay. Some years ago we'd been there with friends. She and they had done the tasting, and we'd bought a bottle of orange muscat that had been quite a treat. This time, we planned to buy a gift for a generous friend and i would get to do the tasting.

(Hmm, i wonder if the southeastern muscadines were named after the muscat grapes?)

The tasting was quite generous and a bit more alcohol than i am used to consuming. We bought a bottle of the sparkling wine as well as the black muscat. The server mixed them to a delightful effect. I think i may mix with sparkling apple juice as i don't think i need full strength wine for a good while.

Home via the grocery store, which i expected to be a madhouse. It was not; i think we beat the rush. (Also, every checkout isle was staffed.) The Dungeness crab were stacked a-plenty, and so i asked for one cracked and cleaned.

For dinner we had smoked salmon, dill havarti, dill, on cocktail pumpernickel. A treat! We'd planned a salad, but i was satisfied with that.

My sleep was disrupted by waking as the alcohol finally left my system; after a snack and water, i slept in. Nonetheless, i woke before Christine. I made my tea, called my parents and chatted as i picked the crab from the shell. When they had to go, i called my sister and sliced lemon for lemon pie, grapefruit for a citrus tart. I left voicemail for my grandmother and picked out pomegranate arils. The citrus and pomegranate are macerating away.

The day seems to be sliding away so quickly, but quite pleasantly. I watched Downton Abbey with Christine: my first full episode. Christine didn't mind stopping every scene (it seemed) to explain the backstory.

A walk awaits us ....

and we've taken it. We're watching a Thanksgiving episode of West Wing now. Dinner was crab stuffed crepes topped with pimento cheese. It was nice to do something a little special while maintaining our tradition of not feasting.

It has occurred to me that perhaps a wine tasting the day after my colonoscopy was not a good idea for being sharp of mind today.

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