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On my tickler list was some travel planning, so i poked around Wednesday night.

If i were to fly to the Midwinter gathering of Friends and then take the train to NC and fly home, it will be the same cost as flying all three legs plus meals. And whether i could get a day's work on the train is open to question.

I'm pondering it: it would be responsible.

And then i was looking at the 2017 eclipse. I'm thinking about Driggs, ID, on the west side of the Tetons. I think that would put the mountains in the frames.

Some time ago i imagined hiking up into the Tetons to take the photos. I am a little less ambitious now. Although if we can keep trying Mission Peak....


We have acquired Tagg, a pet tracking device. It's rather large, but works on 19 pound Edward. Edward was a neighborhood stray whom we adopted. He can come and go as he pleases if the deck door is open (he happily jumps from railing to stair railing or to roof), but the other cats have always enjoyed the deck (without causing my heart to stop as they leap from here to there). So, we let Edward roam. He used to come to the sound of his dinner bell, but he hasn't been that responsive since a neighbor at the end of the building has left food out for her orange cat (and Edward and another neighbor's orange cat Luigi).

It's already provided insight and ease in knowing what he is up to: he appears to hang out at a corner of the complex away from where we have usually looked for him. Ah-ha! I don't know if we'll subscribe to the annual fee, or if two months of tracking that comes with the purchase will be sufficient. (If you're thinking about such a tracker for your pet, i can go into more detail.)


[2014Nov07, 9:48:22 AM] My boss: Is [colleague] aware that you won't be his mgr. going forward?
[2014Nov07, 9:48:28 AM] My boss: I wanted to talk re-org and travel
[2014Nov07, 9:48:35 AM] My boss: but not if he isn't aware

At this point i'm thinking, "OMG he's saying this like it's REAL!"

[2014Nov07, 9:48:40 AM] Me: No, i haven't said anything to anyone'

Anyone... on my team. Friends, family, it's all i talk about.

[2014Nov07, 9:48:43 AM] My boss: okay
[2014Nov07, 9:48:44 AM] Me: Is it a done deal?
[2014Nov07, 9:48:55 AM] My boss: officially no
[2014Nov07, 9:49:00 AM] My boss: but given [blah blah that didn't make solid sense]
[2014Nov07, 9:53:49 AM] Me: So, should i be comfortable sharing with my team that a management change is coming?
[2014Nov07, 9:54:11 AM] My boss: Totally up to you - will they panic?

Well panic now or panic later, this is a little late to ask that, isn't it?

[2014Nov07, 9:54:20 AM] Me: I would appreciate being able to do so, but i've not felt comfortable with the uncertainty
[2014Nov07, 9:54:33 AM] My boss: Go for it then
[2014Nov07, 9:54:56 AM] Me: I think the level of panic is less if they're told this is something likely coming

So, i told two team members tomorrow that it was likely i'd be moving to a non-management position, first calling my team member who said that she didn't care about the reorg as long as her manager was the same. I'm pretty sure my exceeding delight at the possibility came through loud and clear.

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