E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Hives all over my arms and my bottom left lip is swelling. I've just taken a double dose of an otc antihistamine to see if that will make a dent. Icepacks meanwhile.

Interrupted by eastern time zone colleagues on skype talking about stuff my local colleague has been working on - and getting pissed that they aren't waiting for him. So i made a hint, and then a very sharp comment. Then they turned to the fire i'd been fighting all week. So had to deal with those "what is going on" "must get this straightend out" "where's the war room" and explain all of yesterday afternoon's deliberations.

Since one colleague (the institgator) is only working part time because he's supporting his wife who is recovering from brain tumor surgery, i am understanding of his part in this. But still.

And Christine's elephants kicked her when she was down, and her depression has go her by the throat. I will talk to my new psych about him adding her to his practice with an emergency visit when i see him next week.

When was iOS 8 announced? I just heard about folks having trouble downloading it. Just curious: how big is this rock i'm under?

Tags: elephant, health, morning writing

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