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I felt at the beginning of last week that i needed a reboot, and from Friday evening to late last night i rebooted, reading straight through the last three books in Nathan Lowell's Trader’s Tales from The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper. I read the first three back when i was exercising regularly and tearing up my Achillies tendon: my enjoyment of the stories was motivational.

I may go back to reading and walking. Listening and walking is well and good, but listening takes so long.

May i note these would be great stories for children of an impressionable age in order to inculcate the value of keeping things tidy and clean. The number of times the character puts the dishes into the dishwasher is remarkable:

He took his empties and slotted them in the cleaner before heading back to his watch. ...The chief followed me, slotting her dishes into the cleaner. I got up and slotted the dirties out of habit before pulling a fresh mug of coffee from the urn. I slotted my cup into the cleaner. I slotted my dirty dishes in the cleaner... I downed the tail of my coffee and slotted the dirty cup...

Cleaning ships figures prominently in the plots of two of the three books.

As i spent the day reclining in bed lost in the author's world -- oh, right all the working out, too -- there was a little voice aware of ALL THE HOUSEWORK that i was not doing.

Nonetheless, i feel rebooted from the week and the previous months. Beyond seeing everything in my home as a chance for Ishmael Wang to demonstrate leadership and pride by doing a massive scrubbing, i feel clear.

Now to start my day, picking up all the plates i was juggling in an intentional and balanced way.

Biggest concern is probably getting an doctor's appointment soon: the coughing isn't easing. Oh, how i would love another course of prednisone: the itchies attacked me last night. I won't get the course, i expect, but i can wish.

In reading notes, i also finished After We Kill You, We Will Welcome You Back as Honored Guests: Unembedded in Afghanistan by Ted Rall, which i found engaging and useful, but certainly has a political bias. I'm also back to reading the poems in Honeybee: Poems & Short Prose" by Naomi Shiha Nye.

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