E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

This article about land activists in Cambodia fighting over traditionally held land that is being transferred to corporate plantations reminds me that not only is there injustice but a huge risk in monoculture plantations.

Our global supply of rubber is at risk. We just need one person who has walked around in the South American tropical forests which are where rubber trees are native to then decide to traipse around in the tropical Asian areas of the rubber plantations. Say, a birder. And this birder's shoes and jacket are spores of the co-evolved diseases that keep rubber tree plantations from succeeding in South America. And since the rubber plantations in tropical Asia are dense monocultures, a disease can spread like an epidemic....

Lots of rubber used in the transportation industry. Might reduce CO2 emissions. Although there must be some carbon sunk into those rubber tree plantations.

(Pondering the ecoterrorist approach to the land grabs in Cambodia.)

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