E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

So when do i consider myself well? I am still having a productive cough, although it's more often phlegmatic clearing of the throat. Is this well? Do i stop mollycoddling myself yet?

[Insert exasperation.]

Moving on to a query instead of dwelling on that, i type, "jot -r 1 1 27" at the command line, and have 6 as a result. On to my list of queries for journaling and....

Dear random number generator,

Your choice of query for me, "What has caused frustration in the past day (week) and how may i go forward?" is disturbingly close to my own query for me. My superstitions are reinforced by your selection.



Well, YES, how may i go forward? Or, you know, When?

Let's assume this continuing breathing irritation is triggered by post nasal drip. I do have some level of chronic rhinitis due to allergies. I've been taking mucinex for the first time in ages. Instead of feeling the sinuses carrying a load, i'm clearing mucus from my throat continually.

The doctor probably said "take mucinex" because of the ear infection. So now instead of being expressed through my nose, the drip is tickling my throat, continuing to irritate my lungs.

I should stop the mucinex to stop the drainage, but take advantage of this point in time to start doing nasal irrigation. (Bah.)

Since i have some prednisone left, i'll take it every other day, hoping that will continue the calming of the lung irritation.

There. Hope. A plan forward.

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