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I spent last night cooking, and it was a bit frustrating.

The first dish was to use up some beets and apples that had been aging at the bottom of the crisper and were no longer crisp. (Actually, one apple was fabulous. I wish i knew what type that keeper was.) I used this recipe as an inspiration, less the orange, and i added some similarly sad carrots: http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/2013/11/ginger-citrus-maple-roasted-beets.html

This seemed to go just fine.

The next dish was to address the eggplants and fresh black-eyed peas from the veggie box. I added far more coconut (sweetened) and didn't churn it into a paste. Also, no curry leaves or fenugreek. (Thank you wikipedia for translating unfamiliar ingredients into those i had a prayer of finding.) I wanted to use the pressure cooker and i also added rice. The step of frying the onions and spices went well, but tossing in the rice and then eggplant hit some strange issue where the "high" stove eye setting seemed to be interpreted as the neighboring "off" setting. (I had just put water on to boil on the back stove eye: coincidence?) After realizing i wasn't toasting the rice, i got the heat back and thought i was doing well building up pressure when i realized the rocker wasn't rocking but all the steam was existing through a rubber pressure release. I tapped it a few times (with the corner of an empty pasta box) and managed to somehow have the release go in against the pressure and release even more pressure.

I think i managed to get the rice and beans cooked. I was very tempted to stand and pick out every black-eyed pea to eat after tasting the first six or seven to see if they were cooked. (Boiled peanuts: i miss them.) This is lined up for lunch today, and three other servings are packed in the freezer for lunches into next week.


Finally, i prepared this salad. The pasta suffered first from neglect as i realized that the heat had left my curry dish, and then it too lost heat and so the pasta was cooked in weird cycles of boiling and cooling water. Something about the flavoring was lost, although i had just spent a good amount of time in a curry scented sauna. I wish i'd had oil cured black olives instead of brine cured. Also, i think lemon instead of red wine vinegar would have dressed it more to my taste.


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