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Media Wednesday

* Finished Morse. So so very sad, so we are starting Inspector Lewis over (at least until i start remembering how they end).
* Netflix recommended Royal Pains. I skimmed the first episode. Um, no.
* Watched Romancing the Stone (1984), last watched ages and ages ago. I think i like "Action Adventure Romantic Comedies." There's Crocodile Dundee, African Queen, and ? I guess many Kathryn Hepburn films? Recommendations for Netflix available Kathryn Hepburn films always welcome, any other recommendations? Anything more recent than the 80s?

* Raising Steam (Discworld) by Terry Pratchett - started during the summit week as i thought i needed a diversion, not more thinking. Not particularly excited. I've seen some of the Discworld videos on Netflix and enjoyed those, but the full narrative, listening, misses the power of the skim to edit and the video editor's sharpening of the story.

* Still loving Biology: The Science of Life. At 36 hours plus, i am listening at 2x speed.

Courses: I am happy to discover Coursera has an iPad app that downloads the videos. I've sketched out a series of fall courses for myself. The first is four weeks (20140801-0831) "Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects." This seems rather light. The first week introduced me to a number of techniques i already knew, although it was useful to hear that the number of "chunks" has been reduced from the "four to seven" guideline that was espoused in information architecture menu design to just four.

Next, with a slight overlap, is (20140823-0914) Preparation for Introductory Biology: DNA to Organisms. I think this one will be tough, as it will involve memorization. The audiolecture will have undergirded the conceptual understandings i need, but this will force me to learn language and labels.

I'm not sure whether i will stick with the next, (20140915-1110) Sustainability in Practice. It is, however, buzzword rich. I may spring for a certificate and list it on Linked In, if i think i can keep up.

Finally, the exciting one: (20141026-1214) What a Plant Knows. I think this is Biology for Physicists and Poets: it looks pretty light in the time commitment. There's a Nature episode, What Plants Talk About, that is similar.

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