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I spent a great deal of yesterday afternoon researching my bristly ox-tongue flower. I feel a little disappointed that all the background distills down into such a short essay:


On the other hand, what a delight is the internet to an independent scholar! JStor is opening up a little bit, there is also Christine's discovery of DeepDyve. Admittedly, the paper that changed the scientific name from Linnaeus' name in 1973 is over $40. And it does nothing to change my opinion of the commercial scientific publishing industry to see that the paper is owned by Springer-Verlag.

What would a voodoo doll of a corporation look like? Christine says this is the CEO's purpose.

Google Books and the Biodiversity Heritage Library have been delightful resources; some google search led to BioMed Central ("The open access publisher")</em> led to discovering The Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine. (OK, this may be supported by Springer-Verlag, but only after legal requirements for open publishing, i'm sure.)

The essay still needs some work on describing the images, and then a conclusion. I'm thinking of putting it in iBook form, and wrapping up my Borage iBook. I'm also thinking of contributing the work as a "treehouse" in the
Tree of Life web project. Maybe again in Medium, too.


The topic i forgot yesterday had to do with the block of Pu-ehr tea. I think it was a purely ornamental block: poking into it revealed no highly compressed leaves but a greyish powder. Well, i didn't let it get stale, i guess.


I've a thistle to photograph today.

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