E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I woke this morning to find Christine had given me the Kindle copy of The Oldest Living Things in the World by Rachel Sussman in the wee hours. I suspect Elephant induced insomnia led to a 2:47 am gift.


My ankle is rather achy today. I want to believe i over-protected it yesterday, but the alternative of over-using it doesn't seem impossible either.


Follow up from this post: $14,000.00 is how much the owner of colornoun.com wants for their domain. (I own color-noun.com.) Insert a derisive snort. To amuse myself, i found a random appraisal site. color-noun.com is worth $54 and change by their measures while colornoun.com is $56.

That seems about right. Also, i still would not pay that much to take over the privilege of paying the registrar fees every year.

I'll note that the appraisal site didn't know how old the domain was. Pft.

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