E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Guided by some post about swimming with a sprain, i "swam" yesterday, so Yay, movement. "Swam" -- gosh, doesn't that word look odd -- because i felt more like i was flailing my arms about as i floated on my back and rowed myself around the pool.

This morning, of course, my shoulder has been having words.


Did i mention the squirrels found my tomatoes? Argh! It had been so promising.... At least we had four cherry-sized prizes to ourselves.

We are sitting on the deck, Christine programming, I going through piles of notes from the past two months. I cannot believe July is just around the corner. Finches whistle and twitter, hummingbirds occasionally visit the feeder. I've had cucumber and cheese for lunch, and we plan fish and slaw for dinner. The sky seems cloudless, an intense blue, and white seagulls gleam as they fly over, wingtips inky black.

Tags: morning writing

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