E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

So, i last posted Monday. Let's see. Tuesday was strangely calm at work and meeting light. I rattled around a bit just catching up with myself. In the evening i listened to Fuzzy Nation, light science fiction by John Scalzi. (Apparently in this revisiting of a work from the golden age, Scalzi focused on the human and corporate dynamics and less the human and alien dynamics.) Listening, i actually managed to do some cleaning up of the place while waiting to collect Christine at the airport. Hers was a late flight, made later my some sort of jetway snafu.

I was back up at 6 am on Wednesday for work. Long work day. By the end of the long workday, colored as it was by a number of production issues (none were due to any error on our part, but it certainly was consuming), i knew i would be back to work early again. I worked from home yesterday, starting quite early again, and my last call was at 9 pm.

So... all work, no play.

Today i'm trying to take it easy as we have installs including at midnight.

There were some interesting things that crossed my mental path.... but no, i can't think of anything now.

Looking back at last entry, i see i mentioned my mother might get therapy. I'll call tomorrow as i drive to Jasper Ridge for a landscape photography walk. When i called on Father's day, my father couldn't talk freely - and i think there was some tension i recognize from the last time i talked with them and found i had interrupted a fight.

The Jasper Ridge walk will be lovely, i hope.

Tags: f&f, morning writing, work

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