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A lousy night's sleep. Not sure why. Woke before 5 am, and tried to sleep. Mr M purrs VERY LOUDLY. I think Christine may have a just so way of sleeping with Mr M that i failed to meet. Edward plunked his twenty pounds on my feet.

All this was after i was awake: i think i woke the cats.

Also, brr!


Did i mention my mother said she was going uninvited to my father's therapy session? Apparently she had a fit or exploded or however you choose to describe uncontrolled emotional ranting. The therapist apparently kept calmly recommending that she get into therapy. Apparently, she heard him. So, it may happen!



Work work work.


Riding home i am listening to Biology: The Science of Life, by Professor Stephen Nowicki, one of "The Great Courses." This is where my marvel and amazement with organic chemistry has been fed. Over the weekend i watched some TED talks found by searching "DNA protein" and marveled at the state of what we can do. I've borrowed from the library via ILL Flowers and Flowering which i am skimming. Goethe apparently had one of the foundational understandings of plant morphology (almost all parts of the plant are analogous with leaves) and contemporary genetic fiddling has found the genes that basically say "take a leaf and turn it into a petal."

I hand wrote simple notes of thanks to every non-management team member and packaged up a gift of a bright colored stylus and USB wall socket. I hope i haven't jinxed this weekend.

I impress myself with the amount of superstition that lurks in my imagination.

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