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Yesterday felt odd, but i can't point at anything and say, "See, ODD." Well, other than Christine being back east, day three of her six day trip.

The painters, we believe, are done, so Friday after work i seriously began moving plants about on the deck. Yesterday, though was the serious cleaning and reorganizing. I am taking the event as a chance to purge clutter and to get things in a bit more order. A wire shelf that may have been out there for almost the whole time we lived here has been cut to fit the baker's rack we use as a plant stand. I'd been using two styrofoam ice chests as plant stands, too (since there's no proper way around here to dispose of them). I'm purging one.

I ended up also consolidating one storage container into two other smaller ones (from three to two), sorting out various obsolete project bits like diodes for the jeep and pulleys to hoist the bikes on the deck in order to freecycle or ebay them. While i was at it, i pulled all the drawers out of the closet storage rack -- where we keep candles, batteries, bike kit, umbrellas, tools, etc -- and went through all that.

I won't claim i've gotten rid of all the junk: particularly, there's a bunch of bike stuff -- reflectors and lights and so on -- that is probably obsolete. I wasn't ready to go to quite that level of purge. I have sorted out for which bike locks i have keys: that seems pretty significant.


Tweet from BirdRescue.org ‏@IntBirdRescue:
"Does Cormorant colony on Columbia R. eat too many baby salmon? Feds say yes, propose killing half the birds :: http://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/tech/science/environment/2014/06/13/salmon-eating-seabirds/10416987/ …"

My first thoughts was, "Do humans consume too much of the world's resources?"

Our world is out of balance.


Went to meeting. Came home. Short chat with Dad because Mom was sitting right there.

I seem to be carrying my concern for my mother rather heavily.

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